Eve wall•e
This is EVE.
Vital statistics
Name EVE
Gender Female
Race Robot
As Seen from: WALL-E
WALL-E Short Cartoons
WALL-E Shorts

--WALL•E: "Eeee..."
----EVE: "EVE."
----WALL•E: "Eeeee...aah."
-- EVE: "EVE! EVE!"
WALL•E: "Eeeee... va?"

EVE introduces herself, and WALL•E struggles to pronounce her name

EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is the deuteragonist in WALL•E she is an advanced probe droid. Called "Probe One" by the Captain of the Axiom, EVE is one of several robots who are sent to Earth on a scanning mission. An advanced model equipped with a quasar ion cannon and capable of flight and high speeds, she is determined to complete her task and initially fails to notice her would-be robot Romeo, WALL•E. The two robots subsequently bond, however, and the more she sees how much WALL•E cares for her, the more she falls for him, eventually making it her top priority to protect him.


EVE has all necessary parts of a probe droid. She has an ergonomic suitable shape, scanner, flight at high speeds to cross ground quickly and morphable fingers for different purposes. However, it is odd that a simple probe would have a laser gun. The gun might have been installed to remove obstacles and attack enemies. An example of this is when she blasts away an electromagnet she is trapped by.


  • EVE was designed with the help of Apple’s behind-the-scenes designer Jonathan Ive, who was responsible of the design of the iPod.[1]
  • EVE was named after Eve, the first woman on Earth according to the Bible, because Andrew Stanton thought that WALL•E's loneliness reminded him of Adam, before God created his wife.
  • In the DVD extras, it is said that she enjoys long hovers on the beach.
  • Like D-FIB, PR-T and NAN-E she is one of the only female robots on the axiom.
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